Sustainable Weight Loss Journal Prompts by Dr. Lesley Goth


This journal has prompts to go deep within yourself, rooting out underlying negative thoughts and feelings that sabotage your success. Let’s grow together on this journey.

This "Sustainable Weight Loss Journal" is a brilliant way to push your weight-loss goals further. Written by Dr. Lesley Goth, it will guide you on some of the most important areas to focus on while working towards reaching your desired weight.

Dr. Goth's insightful prompts can open up new ways to see yourself and others, strengthening the bond with those who care about you. The journal also encourages self-connection through mindfulness and self-inquiry to get off your plateau of unproductive thoughts that set back success rates in traditional diets!

Welcome into an elegant blend of wisdom and coaching unto this treasure chest that empowers healthy future living for all who embark upon its pages!

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