Do you offer individual coaching?

Yes, within the 11 week Women’s Sustainable Weight Loss Intensive, there are different program options if you’d like individual coaching as a part of your journey.

If individual coaching is all your seeking, I have 30 min and 50 min appointment options:

  • 30 min coaching $150 : This is an opportunity for intense emotional support. Let’s dig into the practical and emotional side of things. Learn new tools and mindsets that will set you free and create forward movement toward your goals. https://calendly.com/lesleygoth/individual-coaching
  • 50 min coaching $250 : Everything in the 30 min coaching plus more time to go deep. It is common that unresolved traumas or emotions keep you stuck and struggling in your weight loss journey. I gently help guide you into those deeper places to get resolution. Let’s clear out the negative and replace it with the positive so that you are free to release any weight that no longer serves you! https://calendly.com/lesleygoth/50-minute-individual-mindful-eating-coaching
What are your fees?

I have different payment options depending on your needs and readiness to dive in and change your lifestyle forever.

Is nutritional counseling a part of your system?

I am not a licensed nutritionist or registered dietitian. However, I have a team available if needed.

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