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About Me

I grew up struggling with my body image issues, my relationship with food, and ultimately, my relationship with myself. My value was tied to my body image and appearance.

I starved myself. I attempted to induce vomiting. I was enslaved by the scale’s number and that number determined my emotions, self-assurance, and even my EXISTENCE.

I couldn’t help but learn a lot about myself through my work as a psychologist in private practice specializing in eating disorders and trauma. To get to the other side of this terrible situation, I engaged in deep therapy and coaching.

I believe that if we can change ourselves, we can influence others around us. I want to show women that their beauty, worth, and self-confidence may all shine brightly.

That is where my body positivity coaching program was birthed. I teach body confidence, body acceptance, and finally body liberation! Yes, I teach mindfulness eating techniques as a means of raising awareness and promoting emotional eating cessation.

The actual work is removing the guilt and shame from the past. It might be as a result of trauma or simply your inner child that requires some affection and care.

I will help you to re-parent yourself with kindness, patience, and firmness.

What I have found is that body confidence comes when we allow ourselves to be seen, heard, and known. It comes when we give ourselves permission to just BE. Once we do that, the work becomes so much easier because it’s not coming from a place of self-loathing.

Regardless of your approach, this more thorough work is required for weight to be lost and kept off.

It is also the way to love and appreciate your body just as it is right now!

This is what I love to do. This is my passion. I want to help women struggling with body image issues, confidence, and self-esteem just like I did. If this is something you feel called to do as well, reach out to me.

I would love to support you on your journey.

I have created the Women’s Sustainable Weight Loss Intensive to help you walk the journey of successful weight loss from the privacy and safety of your own home. You can walk in as a caterpillar and emerge as the butterfly you’ve been dreaming of becoming.

No judgment. No pressure. No scale is required.

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